Eyelash extension retention rates vary per individual based on several factors such as aftercare practices, natural growth and shed cycle, skin and hair type.

It is important to be aware of these factors before investing in lash extensions.

While extensions can last 5 weeks for one person, they may last 2 weeks for another, with 3 to 4 weeks being the average retention rate before a touchup/fill is needed. 

Atlantis certified stylists will always take the time during your consult to match your natural lashes to the proper width, curl, and length of extensions in order to accomplish the most successful retention rate.

Atlantis stylists use safe appropriate lash extension widths/weight (no more than .15mm) as heavier extensions not only cause damage, but result in shorter retention. Atlantis also uses best practices in proper amount of lash extension adhesive. Excessive adhesive, commonly seen with inexperienced, or non-certified stylists, results in lower retention. Over-use of adhesive also results in clumping, and damage to your natural lash.

Here are FIVE AFTERCARE TIPS to extending the life of your lash extensions:

1) Keep your lashes dry for 24-48 hours after application. This will give your lash extension adhesive the proper time to fully set/cure – ensuring the longest retention. This includes avoiding high humidity outdoors for the first 24 hours.

2) Sleep on your back the first night after the application of extensions. This allows the extensions to remain in the position in which they were applied while the adhesive continues to set/cure. Then use a contoured 3D foam sleep mask to help protect your lashes while you sleep, especially if you are a tummy sleeper.

3) Steer clear of eyeliner and waterproof mascaras that can build up in the lash line compromising the effectiveness of your adhesive as well as interfering with the application of your extensions. While mascara is no longer needed (and not recommended), you can still use it on the tips only of your lashes. However, be sure to only use oil free, water-based mascara. * *Be sure to remove ALL mascara before your lash fill appointments.

4) Keep your lashes clean by washing your face, eyes, eyelids, and lash extensions with an oil-free cleanser (a gentle oil-free foam cleanser is recommended). While it’s important to be gentle with your extensions, it’s also important not to neglect them. Natural oil buildup, dirt, and debris can compromise the adhesive bond.

* Avoid all oil-based facial products.

5) Avoid excessive rubbing or touching. While it’s important to wash and brush your lashes daily, over-handling can effect the adhesive bond.

Following these general guidelines will help extend the life of your eyelash extensions!

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