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TIDALWAVE – Light Volume Lashes

A soft feminine effect created by applying light-weight hand-made 3D lash fans to your individual natural lashes. This service level is ideal for those desiring a natural look slightly enhancing the lash line, or for those with sparse, delicate, or thinning natural lashes.

Full Set

$175 (90 min.) Master Stylist

$120 (120 min.) New Stylist


1 week – $70 (30 – 45 min.)

2 week – $100 (45 – 60 min.)

3-4 week – $125 (60 – 90 min.)

New Client Fill – corresponding week/rate +25.00


TSUNAMI SILK– Luxury Volume Lashes

Creates a denser lash line by applying hand-made 3D – 6D silk volume lash fans of varying lengths to your individual natural lashes. Ideal for those desiring a more voluminous look that eliminates the need for mascara! Luxury volume lashes are one of our most popular choices!

Full Set

$250 ( 120 min.)


1 week – $70 (30 – 45 min.)

2 week – $100 (45 – 60 min.)

3-4 week – $125 (60 – 90 min.)

New Client Fill – corresponding week/rate +25.00


ESTUARY – Custom Lash Package

This package includes a full set of custom designed lashes, an organic Lash Fresh lash cleanser, and a 1-week followup (complimentary) fill. Your lashes will be specifically designed according to your personal preferences and physical features. Choose from various styles (cat, flirty, doll, traditional/natural, squirrel, staggered/wispy), curls (C, CC, D, L), lengths (7-15mm) and widths (.03 – .07mm). Your stylist will advise and make recommendations towards achieving the most suitable look! $375 value. (excludes mega volume service level/s). Your complimentary fill will be scheduled upon completion of your full set!

Note: Please allow for an additional 15 minute on-site consultation (assessment) prior to your lash application.

Full Set + Bonus Fill + Cleanser

$300 (120 min.)


1 week complimentary fill – $0 (30 – 45 min.)

2 week – $100 (45 – 60 min.)

3-4 week – $125 (60 – 90 min.)

ROGUE Volume

ROGUE – Mega Volume Lashes

A glamorous, fuller, fluffier effect created by applying 6D – 10D light weight hand-made faux mink fans per single natural mature lash. Varying lengths and curls provide for the softest, most natural effect! Mega volume lashes are long lasting and perfect for both younger and older clients. In support of animal rights, Atlantis chooses to work with man-made faux mink poly-fiber, versus real mink tail fur.

Please take time to learn more about mink, mink farm environments, and why there is no such thing as cruelty-free, ethically harvested mink fur. Atlantis is proud to donate 20% of all Rogue Luxury Volume Lash proceeds to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Please Note: This service level is not recommended for those new or inexperienced with lash extensions. A brief phone consultation is a prerequisite of the Rogue service level. Please call directly 612-704-2102 to coordinate your preferred date/time. Please allow for an additional 15 minute on-site consultation (assessment) prior to your lash application.

Full Set

$375 (150 min.)


1 week – $70 (45 min.)

2 week – $100 (60 min.)

3-4 week – $125 (90 min.)

New Client Fill – corresponding week/rate +25.00

REEF Color

REEF – Color Lashes

Interested in a splash of color? Atlantis carries a wide variety of specialty color, ombre two-tone, or glitter lashes. Color/s can be selected on site, at the time of service. No need to pre-schedule. However depending on your needs, advance special order may be necessary. Note: A $25 specialty service fee will be applied at the time of service.


Esthetic services:

brows, lash lift/tint available soon




The perfect introductory set! Not sure how lashes will look on you… test the waters first with a Mini Surf Set! Designed with time and budget in mind! Need to be in and out in a flash?…. Mini sets are a great option! Continue with Mini sets at your convenience, or upgrade to regular fills later. Unlike fills, Mini sets are a flat rate regardless of the amount of time that’s passed. Come in for another Mini 2-weeks later, or 6 weeks later… for the same rate. Mini sets consist of approximately 1/2 the amount of lashes compared to a Tidalwave full set. Mini’s provide a NATURAL look ~ plenty to polish and define the lash line with subtle lift and curl!

$80 (45 min.)



Lash removal or corrective services from work performed by other lash technicians, is quick and easy. Removal service is painless and effective in removing all previous lash extensions regardless of brand, style, or the length of time you’ve had your extensions on.

$40 (20-30 min.)

(complimentary with any new full set)



Are your lashes looking a little worn? Consider an in-studio lash bath! As our skins natural oils begin to migrate down from our eyelids into our lashes, the extensions can become clumpy and oily in appearance, just the same as our hair without regular cleaning. Compound daily wear, exposure to the elements, and makeup buildup… and an extra deep cleaning can sometimes be inevitable! Atlantis uses a specially formulated organic lash bath in conjunction with special brushes that will remove dirt, oil, debris, makeup residue and bacteria from the lash line, restoring your extensions back to their beautiful, fluffy, freshly applied state. While lash baths can and should be performed at home as part of your lash maintenance routine, they’re extra beneficial in conjunction with your fills!

$10 (5 min.)



This process lifts and curls your natural lashes from the root, helping create the appearance of a more open/bright eye! A popular choice for those allergic to lash extension adhesive, or for those with downward growing natural lashes. Results may not be favorable for those with extremely short natural lashes. Typically lasts 6-8 weeks.

$75 (performed by AP Esthetician) (45 min.)



Lash tinting is a process in which your natural lashes are tinted/dyed (typically dark black) in order to intensify your lash line! Ideal for those with light or blonde natural lashes. Can last up to 4 weeks. For best results, keep lashes dry for 24 hours after tinting.

$35 (performed by AP Esthetician) (30 min.)



$95 (75 min.)



Shaping is a simple process that can create a more defined yet natural brow line helping with the appearance of a more youthful eye area! Hairs are removed at the root by precision tweezing then trimmed to your desired length. Recommended every 4-6 weeks.

$25 (performed by AP Esthetician) (15 min.)



$45 (40 min.) 



Helps create a more defined sculpted brow line using a warm gentle wax to remove stray brow hairs, helping to give a more youthful appearance, symmetrical brows, and more controlled re-growth. Recommended every 2-3 weeks.

$25 (performed by AP Esthetician) (20 min.) 



Enhance your natural eyebrows by giving them the appearance of dimension and fullness! This process uses vegetable-based dye to tint/stain and darken your brows as well as the skin underneath. Ideal for anyone with super-fine, light, or transparent brow hair. Can last up to 4 weeks on brow hair. Avoid water, steam or sweating for 24 hours.

$30 (performed by AP Esthetician) (20 min.)



$45 (40 min.) 



This trending semi-permanent treatment helps create a shapely, voluminous brow line by relaxing, straightening and lifting the eyebrow hairs into the direction and style you desire such as sleek/straight, arched, or fluffy! Ideal for any brow type, but especially those with unruly or thinning brows. This is a 3-step process involving perming solution, fixing solution, and brow serum application. No dyes or chemicals injected. Avoid water, steam or sweating for 24 hours. NOTE: please refrain from this service if you are sensitive, or have had previous reactions to dyes or semi-permanent procedures like micro-blading or semi-permanent makeup. Can last up to 6-8 weeks. Brow shape or wax included.

$90 (performed by AP Esthetician) (30 min.)



$120 (45 min.)



  • Children: Due to safety reasons, limited space, and joint services, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate children in the lash studio. With respect, we ask that you please plan accordingly for your lash appointment.
  • Payment: Payment in full is due at the time of services. Accepting major credit cards, personal check or cash.
  • Refunds: Eyelash extension service is a non-refundable beauty service due to the customized nature of the application of lashes, as well as the varying aftercare practices per individual. However, Atlantis is committed to your 100% satisfaction, and will always conduct a pre-eyelash extension consultation to assess the current condition of your natural lashes, and to create a customized look based on your physical features and personal preferences. Your satisfaction is important and will be confirmed before concluding your appointment.
  • Credit hold: A credit card hold is required for all new and existing client bookings. You may opt to use a different method of payment at the time of service.
  • Cancellations: In the event of an unattended appointment, or less than 24-hour cancellation, a 50% non-refundable service charge will be assessed. Please kindly notify your stylist as soon as possible so that attempts may be made to fill your appointment time by a wait-list guest. If your appointment time is successfully filled, your cancellation fee will be waived.
  • Declined services: Services may be declined in any case of concern regarding personal well-being, conflict of interest, health, safety, or pre-eyelash application consultation assessment results.
  • Full sets: 5+ weeks from last fill (completion of 4 weeks) requires a new full set.
  • Retention: Eyelash extension retention rates can greatly vary per individual. While extensions may last 5 weeks for one person, they may last 1 week for another, with 3 weeks being the average retention rate. This is based on aftercare practices, varying natural growth and shed cycle of natural lashes, and natural skin type. Excessive touching, rubbing, and/or oily skin may lead to pre-mature deterioration of the adhesive used to bond the extensions. Please be aware of these general guidelines before investing in eyelash extensions.
  • Consent: All new guests will be required to sign a client consent form during their pre-appointment consult outlining precautions, aftercare, and more.


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