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Hi, I’m Jess Nevada ~ master lash stylist, trainer, and owner of Atlantis!

As your private stylist, I am dedicated to providing superior customer service and quality custom artistry using only premium tried and true methods and materials. I aim for 100% satisfaction through open communication, education, and working closely with all guests in understanding safety, best after-care practices, lash growth and shed cycles, and retention expectations. Atlantis offers a wide variety of lash extension styles, widths, lengths, and curls in order to custom design a look that’s most suitable for your lifestyle, personal preferences, and unique physical features.


New Guests

If you are new to lashes, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of lash styles at the beginning of your appointment! This pre-application consultation is an important step in determining a custom look that best suites your unique features. I will advise and suggest various styles if you are uncertain! During this time, the health and condition of your skin and/or natural lashes will also be assessed to ensure that suitable services are selected.

If you are coming to Atlantis from another stylist and you already have extensions, there are TWO options:

1) Book a new full set: Starting fresh with a new full set is always recommended so that the integrity and health of your natural lashes can be properly assessed. Your extensions are first removed with a gentle de-bonding gel (20 minute process approximately). This is a complimentary service before commencing work on your new full set.

2) Book a fill: If you feel that your existing extensions are in good condition with typical retention, then feel free to simply book a fill. (the health and condition of your naturals along with extensions can be briefly assessed during pre-consult)!

At Atlantis you’ll have your own private guest account containing consultation and styling notes, client forms, appointment history, and before and after photos.You’ll also have your own personalized lash pallet where your hand-made volume fans are crafted just for you, and your extensions are stored separately and securely keeping them clean, fresh, and organized at all times!

If unable to accommodate on-going regular maintenance (fills), you will be matched with a trusted, local licensed lash partner!


I’m often asked, “How did you get into lashing”?

After 15+ years in the corporate arena, I brought Atlantis to life after realizing I had the ability to pave my own path! I’m an advocate of life by design, hard work, and turning dreams into reality. I strived for a career and schedule that would allow me to focus my energy on what matters most. Now, as a full-time working mother of two daughters, entrepreneurship is a true blessing!

I love the beauty industry and lashing in particular because it enables me to exercise my creativity, and meet and connect with so many amazing women! Atlantis is a drama-free babe cave! While “lash therapy” is a real thing, my #1 priority is providing you with beautiful custom lash extensions.

I specialize in full sets, mini sets, and speciality event and wedding lashes! I take great pride in the Atlantis brand, caliber of service, and giving back a portion of Rogue lash proceeds to The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a non-profit marine wildlife organization dear to my heart.

When I’m not styling lashes, you’ll find me outdoors on the lake boating and water skiing with my family!

I can’t wait to meet you!


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Scheduling an appointment is easy! Simply call or book online.

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Once your lash appointment is scheduled, you will be contacted to confirm your appointment details!

Visit our SERVICES, and FAQ to learn more about the process of eyelash extension application, aftercare, and commonly asked questions and answers!

Beautiful Lashes
Beautiful Lashes
Beautiful Lashes