If you are a new client, your Atlantis Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist will contact you prior to your appointment to discuss any questions, health concerns, allergies, and lash extension history.

Prior to your appointment, please ensure that contacts, all makeup and facial (under eye) moisturizers have been removed.

Upon arrival to your appointment, your stylist will conduct a 10 minute pre-application consultation with you. New clients are required to review and sign the Atlantis consent form providing consent to your stylist to proceed with the application of your lash extensions. This is a one-time form per client. During your consult, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your style preferences, and explain the look you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re unsure, then your lash stylist can make recommendations, and design a custom look based on your natural facial features, eye shape, eye color, skin tone etc. At this time, the health and condition of your natural lashes will also be assessed to ensure that suitable eyelash extension lengths, curl, and widths are selected. Your natural eyelash length will be measured in millimeters, so that your stylist knows exactly which extension lengths your natural lashes can support.

A common mistake made by inexperienced or non-certified eyelash technicians, is the application of extensions that are too long, or too thick and heavy for the natural lash. This can cause damage to the natural eyelash. With Atlantis, you can rest assured that your certified stylist has the proper skills and knowledge to match your natural lashes to the proper extensions.

The next step is the application of your eyelash extensions! This is a very relaxing process typically taking anywhere from 1-2 hours depending the service level selected. You will be lying flat on a cushioned massage table, with your eyes closed. Your lower eyelashes will be secured with a soothing under-eye gel pad, to ensure that no upper eyelashes adhere to the lower during the process. Your eyelashes will then be washed with a liquid protein solution or protein pad to ensure that your lashes are free of any natural oils, or make-up residue. Thoroughly cleaning the lashes ensures a solid long-lasting adhesive bond. Each individual eyelash extension is then applied approximately 1 mm from the eyelid lash line to an individual mature eyelash. The lashes are bonded with a medical-grade adhesive that’s weightless and non-irritating. Your lash technician can complete one eye at a time, or alternate eyes according to your preference. Once the process is complete, an after-lash sealer will then be applied to help protect and extend the life of your new eyelash extensions.

Your stylist will then remove your under-eye gel pads. Your complete satisfaction will be ensured before your stylist concludes the appointment!

Your stylist will review aftercare FAQ and tips with you, most importantly, keeping your new eyelash extensions dry for the first 24 hours, and avoiding all oil-based facial products. You will have the opportunity to pre-book your following fill appointment. Fills are recommended every 3 to 4 weeks.

Now you have SIMPLY.BEAUTIFUL.LASHES by Atlantis!

Jess Nevada – Owner/Certified Stylist

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